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Short Update and a Resolution to Write More

So I'm pretty terrible at blogging regularly. I'm resolving to be better. Life just gets busy, as I'm sure you can relate.

So much has happened in the last eleven months: I was still laid off and job searching through a good part of last year, we took a vacation to do some gem hunting (that may be a post on its own sometime in the future), found a new job in September, then Lucina's birthday and the holidays were upon us, Lucina and I passed around a cold for a month after that, and too many more happenings to list here.

Then just as things seem to settle down, the world turned upside down and we are now living in quarantine / social distancing and hoping to avoid the virus going around. It's only been a week of "social distancing" and I'm ready for things to go back to normal. On one hand I love being home and the extra family time, on the other I miss seeing my parents, going shopping like normal, Lucina playing with her friends and going to school, just the everyday normal stuff. Hopefully I can make best use of this time and do better meal planning, get some cleaning done, and spend some extra quality time with Lucina. We start school from home on Tuesday, wish us luck!

My goal is to write once a week going forward with a family update or a hobby we are working on even i. I have a hobby to do list a mile long so maybe it will motivate me to get working on it. Haha! With any luck you should have another update in a week or so!

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