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Razor Scooter Block Party and our Driveway Town

If you haven't heard of Tryazon and enjoy trying out products and sharing your experience, you should definitely check them out! I came a cross them a few years ago and have hosted a handful of parties. They are fun and easy and I've really enjoyed all of the products that I've been introduced to many becoming regular purchases or things I recommend to friends. Its simple -- you a apply to host a party for a specific product. If you are selected, you are sent a party pack and you have a party with friends and family to share in experiencing the product. Its super easy and a lot of fun.

One of our group shots. It was hard with social distancing getting everyone... so took a smaller group shot at the end.

I hadn't done a party in a long time due to time commitments with having a little one. I want to be the best host I can be and put a lot of thought and effort into it and didn't want to do something halfway so hadn't applied in a while. However, they posted one recently that I couldn't resist and our schedule was open so I could put the time and effort in so figured why not -- it sounded too fun to pass up. As luck would have it we were selected for their Razor Electric Pop Scooter Block Party!!

Lucina with all the party pack items right after unboxing

The scooter is fantastic. Out of the box it was easy to assemble. There are instructions but they aren't really necessary it's that easy -- just attach the handlebar to the base. The handle bars have a nice soft padding for a good comfortable grip. It's a good size for a child and it's not heavy at all. The kids toted it around with easy when they weren't actively scooting. The ride is very smooth. I think the initial take off is a little surprising for the kids that haven't rode an electric scooter before but after the initial panicked jump off they were quick to jump back on and gave each other tips on using the break. All were super fast learners and were off and running by the second try. I can't believe the battery lasted as long as it did. The party ran for an hour and a half and it was still going -- the kids weren't on it the full time, but they were taking turns on it a LOT and I was not expecting it to last that long based on the packaging indications of battery life so we were pleasantly surprised. Since the sun hadn't set yet, we didn't get the full effect of the lights but from what we did see they were very cool and the kids are going to love it as the fall days get shorter. I heard at least 3 kids at the party run up to parents and say they want a scooter "just like that one" so Christmas lists are already being made it seems. haha!

Homemade treats for the party!

I wanted to do something fun for the party. I knew I wanted to bake... that was a given. But what else to make it interesting and keep the kids engaged?? We love doing some sidewalk chalk (sometime I'll post about our obstacle courses) and thought about doing an obstacle course for the event, then I was thinking about all the fun my little brother and I had when we were kids riding our big wheels (it was pre-Razor days) around towns we made on our driveway. We had the best time and I have such fond memories. So a chalk town it is!

South side of town.

North side of town.

I decided to draw chalk roads. I added a few things to the town like houses, a playground and some stop signs, but left lots of blank spaces and some huge buckets of chalk out so the kids could add their own creativity. Then my husband recommended adding some fabric covered PVC buildings we have and our town was born. Not only that, but it brought in children from the whole block since you could see it all the way down the block and they would come scooting down on their Razors (which is clearly the ride of choice in the neighborhood haha). The kids loved it. They rode around and around, added their own houses and ducked in and out of the pvc buildings. There were fake ice creams sold, stops at the café, police chases with bad guys put in jail and general driving around in circles and stopping at stop signs.

Our largest attempt at a group shot... it was like herding cats.

Honestly, I was worried about the social distancing with the party. I kept the guest list to people on the block in our quarantine bubble since all the kids go to school together and play together and we have had conversations with all about precautions being taken. We did our best to stay 6ft apart or more none the less. We had a few attempts at group photos but with the heat and the distance and people coming and going as time allowed and excited kids dying to play it was not my most successful group photos. haha. We did get one pretty good one at the end with the last few party goers.

The parents had a chance to catch up since we hadn't seen much of each other this summer due to the pandemic. I received tons of questions about Tryazon and the scooter and was happy to answer. I think Tryazon is going to have a few more applicants after this and like I said, the scooter is already on a few wish lists.

Overall, the party was an absolute success (except getting a "good" group photo haha). The kids loved the scooter and the playtime. The adults enjoyed the social time. Check out our photo gallery and a video I took of the scooter madness as it was going by. Huge thank yous to both Razor Worldwide and Tryazon for the opportunity for this party.

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