• Nicole Walker

Product Review: Rituals Relaxation at Home TryaBox

I received the Rituals Cosmetics Ritual of Sakura Body Shower Gel, Body Scrub and Body Cream as part of a free Tryazon TryaBox.

In case you aren't familiar with Tryazon, they provide products to which people apply to test and post about their experience. For their TryaBox products, the accepted applicants do not need to have the usual party and instead person sampling posts about their experience via social media and provides an honest review. An easy ask to try something new!

I was so excited to receive my TryaBox and find full sized products included for all three items. On first impression, the packaging is beautiful. Something you wouldn't mind just leaving out on the counter. The Body Cream was particularly striking with it's wood grain lid. They all look and feel like high quality items -- which when you are pampering yourself you want to feel fancy so it's fun to have something beautiful while trusting the quality of the products you are putting on y

our skin.

To make the sampling an event, I planned it for an evening when my husband was out of town and my daughter and I like to have what she had dubbed "girls night" normally we eat pizza and play games but this one was going to be extra fun and have a spa theme! My daughter could talk about little else for the week leading up to our spa night. We got out the foot soaker, we did face masks, and we sampled all of our Rituals products. We loved them all!

My personal favorite was the body scrub. The sugary texture exfoliated nicely and left me with smoother, softer feeling skin. It did a great job with softening my ankles which are particularly dry and rough and a trouble spot for me. Definitely a product I could see using frequently. The shower gel was fun. A very little goes along way and they aren't kidding about the foaming part. We were actually caught a little off guard at how well it foamed and made a bit of a mess. It comes out semi-liquidy and then foams quickly after that. The lotion was nice balance of feeling well moisturized without leaving my skin feeling oily.

I am very sensitive to scents and I find a lot of bath products scents overwhelming. That is not the case here! The scent is subtle and lovely. Something I could use any time and I know wouldn't compete with other scents I'm wearing or cause me headaches (which is a concern for me with strongly scented products). Personally I prefer either non-scented or lightly scented products so these got a thumbs up from me

Overall I really liked all of the products. Best of all, I loved the fun my daughter and I had with them on our girls spa night and it's something we will definitely be repeating with our Rituals products! Make sure to check them out too! Now available at Sephora!

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