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My First Post...

I started working on this site more than 6 months ago and this is my first blog post. Yikes.

What happened, you ask? Well, quite a bit really. A mini family vacation to Arkansas with my parents to meet some long lost family (that's a whole separate post in itself). Our yearly family photos -- which looks so perfect and put together, but if you've ever done family photos know they are a ton of work. You have to find a photographer, book a date, pick outfits out for the whole family that don't completely clash and pray that are weather appropriate when the date arrives in the unpredictable fall temperatures and that your child hasn't grown out of them by then, and crossing your fingers no one gets sick or gives themselves an impromptu haircut in the meantime. Just getting everyone smiling and looking at the camera is a challenge. At least on the last point with Lucina being 4 this year, that went much better. She had a much shorter warm up period before she would cooperate and look and smile on command. I think it helps that the photographer is a neighbor she is familiar with and fond of. The photos turned out beautiful.

So what else has happened in the past half a year... oh so many family birthdays. Lucina had her first real birthday party with friends. Holy cow that's a lot of work even though most places seem to take care of a lot of the heavy lifting. "Oh your party option has a host that herds the children and keeps them on task, buys all the supplies and does the set up and cleanup? Please, take my money!" If you ask Lucina about the party she will say "everyone left in tears"... not a lie. Up until the goodbyes was a great time and went fairly smoothly but I think all were worn out by the end -- some kiddos didn't want to leave, a few were minorly injured, including Lucina. All in all, she was just happy to have all her friends there together, anything else was just a bonus for her. And she was such a good little hostest severing everyone their pizza, cake and drinks. Honestly, I think waiting on her friends was her favorite part. She is a giver.

Then there were the usual holidays and all that comes with that: baking, decorating, cards, gifts, etc. And we go all out especially for Halloween decorating and costumes and Christmas cooking baking (again, so much they could be posts on their own too).

Now it's the start of a new year and it's already flying by too. Slow down time! I have too much to do and so much to enjoy! Hopefully I'll be better about posting... can't be much worse than 6 months between, right?

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