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Gabby’s Girl Dress-Up Closet TryaBox from Spin Master and Tryazon

We were lucky enough to be selected for another Tryabox opportunity! This time we got to try the Gabby Girl Dress-Up Closet from Gabby's Dollhouse!

If you read my previous post you know how much I love Tryazon! I was so excited for another great opportunity and cannot believe our good luck to be selected. My daughter was beyond excited. She is a big fan of Gabby's Dollhouse on Netflix so naturally she LOVES the toys. We loved the dollhouse so much that we ended up getting all the extra rooms! Really she is a huge fan of dolls and all things cute so how could she not love the show. It really is adorable. If you haven't checked it out I do recommend it.

The Gabby Girl Dress-Up Closet did not disappoint. It is so cute! You can have Gabby walk the cat-walk in three adorable outfits, pick from three different wigs and a few accessories such as wings! There is a place for Gabby to pose for photos and there are four interchangeable backgrounds. If you have the dollhouse the ladder is able to clip onto the dollhouse floors which is a fun bonus.

My daughter has already had such a great time playing with this toy. There is some assembly required but while there were instructions they weren't necessary and went together in a second. We struggled a little getting Gabby and the dress on the stand but quickly overcame that and once we got it it was easy. Her only real complaint is that the clothes don't stay super securely on the hangers, but it wasn't a huge issue and the toy was so enjoyable she forgot about it even being a thing. It wasn't long before she was having Gabby was showing off her new clothes and posing with all her friends. She was even finding out if the hair fit on Pandy Paws from the dollhouse... which it does actually. haha!

My favorite part is that the toy is so portable. Being able to take a toy like this on vacation or to a dinner where I would need to keep her busy when she was younger is big benefit. They also built tabs into the wig stands so they stay on the table so there is no frustration with those tipping over. I love all the thought they put into the detail of the toy. There are cute little cats worked into everything.

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