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Gabby’s Dollhouse TryaBox from Spin Master and Tryazon

I was so excited when I saw this Tryazon TryaBox opportunity pop up! If you aren't familiar with Tryazon, let me tell you how much I love them... because I do. They connect consumers and companies to products in a fun and engaging way. They offer parties where after you apply and if selected you are provided with a party pack with the products being sampled and often other party materials or things to share with guests. They also offer the TryaBox, where instead of a party, you try the product and then share your experience via social media.

So back to this particular TryaBox -- The Gabby's Dollhouse by Spin Master! My daughter loves dolls. Her play of choice is almost always dolls. And she loves cats and the Gabby's Dollhouse show on Netflix so I knew this would be a fantastic toy and opportunity for her. I applied and crossed my fingers. As luck would have it we were selected! Yay!!! But my notification for the email on the phone didn't come up so I missed the email and was too late when I clicked the link. Boo hoo! While disappointed, I've had so many other amazing opportunities from Tyazon in the past so figured it was bad luck this time but I would keep an eye out for the next one. But then a box showed up in the mail! We still received the TryaBox! So excited!!

The doll house assembled very easily. It pops together and while it does come with instructions, it's very intuitive to how it goes tougher so they aren't really needed. There are some stickers to apply which were fast and easy. They were cut well and fit great -- I appreciate a quality sticker. Weird I know, but it's a thing for me.

The only thing I would change would be the back wall panels, they had a slight curve to them so that made them a little bit of a challenge to get in their tabs. We did have a couple pop out while playing but they pop right back in. I think they will flatten over time and that will help them stay so I'm not concerned.

The house is 2 feet tall with 4 stories. It's a great size. There is plenty of room to play but isn't super deep which makes footprint very reasonable so doesn't take a lot of space to store. And even though it's narrow, it's completely stable. Even on the carpet there have been no issues tipping or wobbling. You don't see it in many photos but the top roof is hinged and tips back for a 4th hidden floor that has some built in furniture/objects.

The cat esthetics worked in everywhere are adorable! My favorite is the handheld game that looks like a little cat face. So cute! If you are a fan of the show, you'll see lots of familiar faces hiding among the details. There are 8 phrases including the song from the show that play with the push of a button. Sound level is reasonable. If you are a parent, you'll know how most toys with sound are incredibly loud with the cheapest speaker they could put in. I generally put scotch tape over the speaker pretty much right away. I haven't felt the need to do that all with this toy which is a nice change.

There is a piece of furniture that goes well with the theme of each room. My daughter loves to use the mini floor space that is on the front walls as shelves and puts small objects. As I learned yesterday, you can actually get additional room that will attach on those mini floors which is a fun addition. The house is a great size for other small dolls as well. My daughter has tons of her others dolls visit Gabby in her dollhouse. I love a toy that integrates will with her other toys for added play value.

If you are familiar with the show you know Gabby gets mail and the dollhouse does too! There is shoot you drop packages down so you can play just like Gabby. The house comes with two packages and it looks like the additional room add-ons you can get come with more packages.

Overall, I'm super happy with this toy and my daughter adores it. It has already gotten tons of play. Definitely recommend for the Gabby's Dollhouse lover in your life or really for any child that loves cats and dolls even if they aren't familiar with the show.

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