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Bestway Slide Into Spring Break Party!

After a long cold winter, I'm 100% ready for spring! One of the many reasons I was so excited to be picked by Tryazon for the Bestway Slide into Spring Party! I think the only person more excited than I was my daughter.

If we've met in person or you read our electric scooter post from last fall you are probably familiar with It's a site that I love and will tell just about anyone that will listen about. In a nutshell, Tryazon connects companies with consumers -- they get products in the hands of everyday people. If you are selected its as simple and fun as having a party with friends and family to experience the products and sharing the fun online. I can't recommend the site enough -- check it out, you won't regret it.

Our latest party pack was from Bestway and it was quite the party pack indeed! We received the H2OGO! Splash Course Kids Inflatable Water Park and the Sun Squad™ Giant Spraying Splash Mat! (Check out our unboxing video on Facebook.) I can't wait to tell you all about them!

I had some concerns about the timing of the party as it was suggested to have in early April. Being in the Midwest, it could be beautiful, warm and sunny or it could be stormy or even snowing if you are really unlucky. Weather is a little unpredictable this time of year but I was not to be deterred. I stalked the weather reports daily and unfortunately it was supposed to be cold, cloudy and rainy on pretty all the days recommended by Tryazon for the party except the Sunday before, which was predicted to be sunny and relatively warm. It was the best option so invites were sent out with the plan that if it wasn't warm enough, we would figure something out and still play and enjoy the products, but with less water involved. As it turned out it was indeed warm, but not quite warm enough for the kids to get soaked (which actually ended up being okay since one of our party goers who was thrilled to get out and come was a little boy recovering from surgery can couldn't get wet quite yet.) As an alternative to water we used ball pit balls in the pool and we still filled the splash mat but only had the sprinkler going for a little while so they could see it running but not get soaked.

On to the products! Of course the first thing the kids headed for was the H2OGO! Splash Course Kids Inflatable Water Park being the most eye catching of the two products. I had considered something like this before but had concerns about storage, weight, set-up, tear down so had never made the jump to make the purchase. Here is what I found now having had the opportunity to experience all first hand. First regarding weight and storage: if you see the box in the store, don't let it deter you. Its a big heavy box but its not as bad as it seams. The fan is huge -- which isn't surprising considering the size of the inflatable but it's probably a third of the weight. So really you are only having to deal with a portion of the weight at a time which makes it much more manageable once unboxed. The inflatable itself while heavy, I was able to manage on my own. It comes in a duffle bag like carrier which helps to store. And even though it is large when rolled up, it's not impossible to store. It is no worse than an at home bounce house. I was pleasantly surprised at how manageable it was. Set up was super easy: just unfold, stake, add the hoses, hook up the fan and turn it on... it inflates super fast and you are ready to play.

Once we got it set up it's quite impressive. Its huge, colorful and just looks like tons of fun. Even when we were doing our unboxing several neighbors stopped by and we are located near a walking trail in a neighborhood with a gazillion children so there was a steady stream of kids wandering by, pointing and displaying excitement of just seeing it up. This thing is so super cool. There is a huge double slide so the kids can race down with a friend. The backside has indentations and handles for hands and feed to make it easy to climb up. At the bottom of the slide is a large wading pool area which is great to land it from the slide and fabulous for the little kids to play in too. The kids run from the bottom of the slide over an inflated bump that will spray water straight up, then through the hanging obstacles which has a ball that also sprays then back up the slide and down again. The kids went round and round for hours. There are also inflated bars with flags that velcro on for relay races -- the kids make up plenty of games using these. One dad liked it so much he even said "you know this means we are going to need to get one too now!" haha!

On to the Sun Squad™ Giant Spraying Splash Mat! I had some reservations about it initially. I was worried that the kids would get bored of it easy especially compared to the water slide. I figured it would get some initial curious interactions then be left behind. Wow was I wrong! The kids LOVED this thing. Its like if a combination of a water bed and a slip and slide. It does take a bit to fill and to empty which what a little inconvenient but the kids loved it so much it was worth the time. One of the things that I really liked is that that bladder feature that makes it water bed like is separate from the sprinkling feature so you could have one without the other should you desire. This would have been fabulous for our daughter when she was a toddler. She was a kid who liked the idea of water but didn't want to actually get wet. We had a toddler at the party and she loved coming over and squishing her little toes and hands on the bed of water. (We had the sprinkler feature on for a bit for demo purposes but turned it off as it was cooler that day but left the bladder full.) The kids played with the splash mat for, literally, hours! The play first started very active flopping and splashing, etc, then as they slowly tired out they would just come and sit and relax and chat with each other. Kids of all ages loved it from the little toddler to the bigger tweens. I even spent some time laying on it -- I could see myself enjoying this in the summer to cool off while the kids play. I wouldn't be slipping and sliding personally but loved the cool waterbed and it would be great to grab a book and chill on.

Overall, the party was great! I made homemade brownie pops and salted caramel macarons and my mom even contributed some homemade cupcakes. Every last bit was eaten! Unfortunately most was gone before I realized I forgot to take a picture of the treat table. Oh well! It was so great to catch up with so many of my daughters friends parents and even some family came to join in as they were super interested in seeing the slide in action. Fun times were had by all!

So check out H2OGO! Splash Course Kids Inflatable Water Park and the Sun Squad™ Giant Spraying Splash Mat! Both were hits with the kids and I would absolutely recommend. And check out -- apply for some parties and join in the fun!

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