The Baby Monster Family

We are a geeky family of three that enjoys many hobbies together -- some of which are cosplay, racing, baking and gardening. We are most known for our first cosplay, the "Monarch Family" consisting of The Monarch, Dr. Mrs. the Monarch, and our 3-month old as the Murderous Moppet Tim-Tom from the Venture Brothers.

If you ask Lucina she would probably say there are five people in our family: Mommy, Daddy, Lucina, Teddy, and Baby Monster. Teddy is the stuffed animal she can't live without and he is rarely far from her side. Baby Monster has been her invisible friend since she could talk. He used to live in the collar of her shirt. Now he is just wherever we are although sometimes he visits friends. From the description I've gotten from her, he wears purple footie pajamas, has one eye and is not furry. And he's always good for an imaginative story adventure.